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The Destroyer Crushed Channing Tatum in Poker in New Orleans


Some of my favorite poker stories are playing against celebrities and athletes. One night during my wild New Orleans days in 2013, I was playing in a live $1-$3 No Limit game. I got a text from someone else at the table that said “Do you know who that is? It is Channing Tatum!”

Being completely oblivious to pop culture, I did not have a freaking clue who the actor was. This was right after 21 Jump Street too. Tatum has Mississippi Coast ties and owned the bar Saints & Sinners in New Orleans.

We started battling at the poker table and I wrecked him! I literally must have won 20-25 hands in a row against him. It was out of control.

Finally he said “I need to start taking some poker lessons from you.” As I always try to do, I decided to seize the moment.

I popped back “I will give you poker lessons if you will hook me up with some of the many women you pass on every day!”

He got a kick out of the reply and actually gave me his cell phone number. I followed up a couple weeks later and got ghosted.

Can’t book ‘em all!

I told that story on the newest episode of Crackin’ Aces with Nate and Smitty. This was a wild episode filled with old poker stories and WSOP talk as Phil Hellmuth won his 16th bracelet.

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