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'Do Your Pod' Week 6 ft. Ben Volin of The Boston Globe

This week, after an excruciating loss to one of the best teams in football, it felt like as good a week as any to steer into the skid with one of Patriots media's true Sith Lords, Ben "Trollin'" Volin. We start out by talking about the time we drank an NFL Super Bowl Media Party dry back in 2015, and finish by discussing his contentious relationship with his target audience of Pats fans. 

In between, it's all about the loss to the Cowboys. Where the team went wrong. How serious their problems are on defense. Belichick and McDaniels' uncharacteristic decisions to play it super safe in the middle of the game and overtime. And Ben gives us his assessment of Mac Jones and what his future is. In the end, this was cathartic for me, and I think it will be for anyone who's invested in salvaging the 2021 Patriots. Enjoy.