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Paul Bissonnette Explains What It Was Like To Go to Dinner With Wayne Gretzky and Charles Barkley

On today's Pardon My Take... PAUL BISSONNETTE! Our co-worker was in-studio today to do a full NHL season preview, make his Stanley Cup picks, and much more. In case you haven't heard, Biz is also one of the members of the new "NHL on TNT Face Off show." Right next to him on the desk? Wayne Gretzky. Not a big deal. Fellow TNT analyst Charles Barkley also hopped on the premiere show last week, and Biz actually grabbed dinner with a group that included both Gretzky and Barkley. What are the conversations at that type of meal like? Biz gave us the scoop:

Mr. Cat: So, you went out to dinner with Chuck and Gretzky... how was that?

Paul Bisssonnette: It was great, man. I was picking Chuck's brain on just like how he felt coming into his, you know, Inside the NBA, when he did, and you know, what we should come to expect. Like, what if the game's a little bit boring and he's like, "Man, honestly, be honest about it. Maybe turn on another game and start gambling on it... not seriously, but he definitely calmed things down. And when we had him on after our first segment to open the show, just his humor and the fact that he'd been there done that, I think it really eased up everybody else where we were able to, you know, I thought we executed a pretty good first show. So, we're trying to figure it out, we're trying to be as entertaining as what people want, and elevate the game. So just having him, you know, not only be there but also talk to us the night before was was nice.

Mr. Cat: And he actually is a hockey fan. I think he's a Blackhawks fan, isn't he?

Paul Bissonnette: He's a huge hockey fan. I think he hops around. I think he's on the beaver plan, where whatever arena he's in, he puts on the jersey.

Mr. Cat: I remember, I've seen him at a couple Hawks games, so that's why I thought, but yeah, that's a good plan to be on if you're not a die-hard hockey fan.

Mr. Commenter: What was his order at dinner? Charles Barkley, wait, let me guess. Big Cat, what do you think Charles Barkley got?

Mr. Cat: I think he got the biggest steak out there.

Mr. Commenter: Yeah steak, mashed potatoes.

(Biz shakes head)

Mr. Cat: Oh no, did he get chicken at a steakhouse?

Paul Bissonnette: No, he got a burger without the bun. 

Mr. Cat: What?! Chuck's trying to watch his weight. 

Paul Bissonnette: What do you mean? I respect the order, he's watching himself. 

Mr. Cat: Chuck strikes me, and this is speaking from experience...

Paul Bissonnette: Are you trying to anti fat shame here?

Mr. Cat: No, what I'm saying is Chuck strikes me as again, speaking from experience,  as a guy who orders a burger without a bun when you're out with company, and then goes home and crushes a bunch of ice cream, because you don't want to seem like the fat guy in front of other people. But then when you get home, in the comfort of your own home...

Paul Bissonnette: I think he looks good, I mean, he's golfing a lot, he looks good.

That is something I did not see coming. Charles Barkley's order for dinner was a burger without the bun. Speechless! But hey, you can't fault someone for trying to eat healthy. I can only imagine the other conversations at that table which included Biz, Barkley, and Gretzky.