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The Mandela Effect Is Really Just People Being Morons

Today's episode of Macrodosing discusses the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect as well as "glitches in the matrix." ANd I gotta tell ya, all this conversation did was piss me off. These things are just made up by dumb people.

Every example of the Mandela Effect was like, "Did you know it's actually Jif Peanut Butter and not Jiffy?!" Like, yes. Everyone with a brain knew that. There wasn't some sort of mass brainwashing, you're just stupid. Then Billy pulled out that little number about people thinking there are 52 states and that just solidified every opinion I had on this issue. It's just stupid people trying to make themselves feel better.

And the "glitches" in the matrix are just people wearing similar outfits in the grocery store. Grow up. It's two women wearing green shirts and jeans, not a mistake in the master code controlling the universe or whatever you think it is.

But I digress. You should still go listen to this week's episode, which also features a Tennessee Minute discussing the wild events in Knoxville on Saturday night and some great voicemails. Subscribe on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts.