Tik Tok Is Making Girls In Texas Crazy

WSJ: Teenage girls across the globe have been showing up at doctors’ offices with tics—physical jerking movements and verbal outbursts—since the start of the pandemic.

Movement-disorder doctors were stumped at first. Girls with tics are rare, and these teens had an unusually high number of them, which had developed suddenly. After months of studying the patients and consulting with one another, experts at top pediatric hospitals in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the U.K. discovered that most of the girls had something in common: TikTok.

According to a spate of recent medical journal articles, doctors say the girls had been watching videos of TikTok influencers who said they had Tourette syndrome, a nervous-system disorder that causes people to make repetitive, involuntary movements or sounds.

No one has tracked these cases nationally, but pediatric movement-disorder centers across the U.S. are reporting an influx of teen girls with similar tics. Donald Gilbert, a neurologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center who specializes in pediatric movement disorders and Tourette syndrome, has seen about 10 new teens with tics a month since March 2020. Before the pandemic, his clinic had seen at most one a month.

On today's Pardon My Take I talked about how there's a large number of teenage girls going to the hospital because they cannot stop blurting out "Beans" and other monikers. It sounded pretty ludicrous so I had to provide evidence so that we can start to get to the bottom of this beans business.

This is not a joke this is a serious medical phenomenon. Turns out during the pandemic kids were at home watching so much Tik Tok they just started mimicking or somehow psychologically taking on the same ticks as various Tik Tok creators. Individuals from Texas were saying "Beans!" in English or German accents. The whole thing is pretty ridiculous and honestly, I don't want to go look for more Tik Toks to show you because I myself would not like to get afflicted or spread it to anyone who could get it. 

This really gives me 0 hope for humanity and would be very down to delete social media. I know that would probably result in me not having a job but it is worth it to not have a bunch of kids running around yelling beans.