If There Was A Squid Game For Golf, I'd Be Dead Already

Have you seen Squid Game? Of course you have. It's the most popular show Netflix has ever put out and Netflix has put out someVERY popular shows but none as popular as Squid Game. It's all the rage right now. It'll be all the rage when Halloween comes around in a couple weeks. People will be out there getting blackout drunk wearing a jumper with random numbers on it. IF you haven't, the short version of what Squid Game is broke people playing kids' games of a remote island and who get shot in the head if they lose.

Anyway. On today's show Frankie floated the idea of having a golf version of Squid Game. Now obviously we can't kill anyone because that's what the judicial system calls "murder".

I got tagged in this instagram post a billion times

I'd be dead if we actually played that game but there has to be a version we can play where nobody dies. We kicked around a few ideas on what a golf Squid Game would look like and think we got off to a good start.

Fun show. Enjoy!