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The Boston Red Sox Grand Slammed The Houston Astros Into Submission. Again.

The story is the record number of Grand Slams. Three in the last 18 innings is fucking absurd. Something I would've expected from the 2018 team. Something that felt like it was promised in February of 2011. Nope, 2021 against the Houston Astros who have straight up forgotten how to pitch and also how to field routine grounders at second base. That's the story, that's the focus, and understandably so. 

I want to talk about Eduardo Rodriguez, because I'm writing no one can tell me what I can and can't talk about. His last 11 innings pitched have come against the top two teams in the American League. He's allowed five earned runs, struck out 13 and walked ZERO. Joe Buck repeated the stat about a dozen times, so I'll relay it here in case you went to sleep because this game ended by 9 pm: Eduardo Rodriguez became the first left handed pitcher in the history of Fenway Park to pitch six innings, strike out seven batters, and walk zero. Not the most sterling statline in baseball history, but it paints a picture: it's really fucking hard to succeed in the postseason. He made two mistakes tonight: he hung a slider to Kyle Tucker that was promptly blasted into the crowd for the only positive Astros moment of the night; and mocked Carlos Correa's Damian Lillard impression when he came off the mound in the sixth, 

I love how much this Red Sox team talks shit. Absolutely love it. I love it more how personal they take every slight - imagined or otherwise - and turn it into bulletin board material. The Yankees picking them, the Rays buying champagne, you know the list by now. I thoroughly enjoyed the Red Sox dancing on the Rays' graves once the ALCS was clinched. I don't hate Eddie talking his shit, in fact I strongly encourage it, but I also love Alex Cora telling him to cut the shit. They've had a close relationship ever since Cora stepped foot in Boston, this isn't something to be blown out of proportion, but I do respect how much Cora understands the power of the slight. It has worked in our favor all month. There's no reason to hand that edge back to the Astros with two more wins left to be claimed. Again, Eddie shoved. I don't mind him puffing his chest after the last two years of his life, both professionally and personally. But Cora is no fool. Respect the slight, keep it moving until the job is done, then shit down their throats when the moment is right. Dish served cold, things of that nature.

Back to Kyle Schwarber. We haven't accomplished a goddamn thing yet but I can't stop thinking about all the morons, dumb-dumb, and dodo birds who came at me after the trade deadline telling me we stayed pat. The amount of complaints I received that Chaim Bloom sat on his thumbs blew my mind at the time and it infuriates me even more now. Kyle from Waltham was the correct target all along. Check the tapes - I said it in real time that he was the single best bat to change hands at the deadline and that has yet to be proven otherwise. Not Joey Gallo, not Anthony Rizzo, fucking nobody. And again he shows you why. 3-0 count, bottom of the second, and Kyle called game. The pride of Waltham cannot play elsewhere the rest of his career. I don't care about the cost. I don't care where he plays in the field. None of that matters. He was perfect in Chicago and now he's somehow perfecter in Boston. Apologize to Chaim Bloom by buying a shirt. See you tomorrow night where TBA takes on TBA. 

Sox in 6.