“Your Smile Makes My Dick Hard” Is the Highest Form of Flattery According to Chelsea Handler

We had the legend Chelsea Handler on our podcast this week and we talked all about her new tour Vaccinated and Horny (aka describing Chelsea, me and a bunch of other people), comedy, life, and her new boyfriend Jo Koy and we learned a thing or two. For all the men out there looking for a way to win over a girl, these 6 words will get the job done. “Your Smile Makes My Dick Hard” that’s it. That’s all you gotta do. It’s the perfect mix of nice and horny. Not only is it saying you wanna have sex with her, it’s also saying you like seeing her happy. Of course a woman would love to have her ass complimented, but we’ll be even more flattered if we think just our smile can make your dick hard (even if that isn’t true).

Listen to our full interview with Chelsea Handler: