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Monday Morning Perspective

Think your Monday is going bad?  I saw this on Twisted History's Twitter page late last night...

I looked it up, and it winds up that October 17, 1814, was a Monday.

A Monday where a four-year-old girl named Hannah Bamfield was having tea with her mother and another child.

A Monday when a wake was being held by an Irish woman named Anne Saville for her recently deceased two-year-old son.

A Monday where Eleanor Cooper, a 14-year-old barback at the Tavistock Arms, was washing pots in the pub's yard.

And a Monday where 380,000 gallons of beer formed a 15-foot high wave that swept through the town killing Hannah and demolishing her house... Drowning Anne and four other mourners (including Anne's friend Mary Mulvey and her 3-year-old son)... And crushing Eleanor beneath the brewery's collapsed wall.


And then after the wave swept through, hundreds of townspeople (predominantly Irish immigrants) began collecting beer from puddles and gutters and it was reported that the ensuing mass drunkenness caused a number of deaths from alcohol poisoning a few days later.

Jesus Christ... Fucking Irish.

Sometimes I write about things in history that I find interesting with little-to-no commentary, and this is one of those times.

Have a great week.

Take a report.