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Pardon My Take's Football Guy Nominees: Week 6

Congratulations to Dan Campbell for winning week 5 football guy of the week.

This week we have a great group of nominees!

#1 Owen Begemann McQuaid HS O-linemen

The kid goes down with what looks like a broken leg and he gives the crowd something more than just a thumbs up. He starts pretending to whip the stretcher off the field. Not only did he let us know he was ok with just a simple thumbs-up, but he gave us a little extra action by whipping it.

#2 Elmwood-Brimfield and Lewiston HS

These guys were so amped to play they didn't even wait for the ref to get a coin and just started to play rock paper scissors. Guys are amped and ready to play so its no wonder they did whatever they could to start the game faster.

#3 Greg Long Perdue OL

During their big upset win over #2 Iowa Perdue O-linemen chugged a Coors light that got tossed onto the field. Risky move after we saw what happened to Gavin Adcock former Georgia southern Dlinemen who chugged a beer before a game (surfing on a bus) and ended up getting kicked off the team. The big difference is Perdue won!

#4 Bill Belichick HC NE Patriots

Bill had a blood game, don't know why don't know how- he didn't address it. Doesn't need to, a football guy shows up to do his job no matter what.