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The Worst Thing You Will Read Today

I recorded a podcast about cults this week and went off on a tangent that made me sick to my stomach, so I am going to share it with you.

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There was a cult that emerged in Russia during the late 18th century called the Skoptsy.  And the Skoptsy were best known for practicing the castration of their male members (literally) and the mastectomies of their women.  This was all in accordance with their teachings against sexual lust… That human genitals were a curse, the true message of Jesus Christ included the practice of castration, that Jesus himself had been a castrate, and that his example had been followed by all the apostles AND the early Christian saints.

There were different levels of castration for them, but the "greater seal" involved removal of both penis and testicles, so Skoptsy men who underwent the "greater seal" had to use a hollowed-out cow's horn when urinating. 

Let that sink in, but let's keep moving.

The idea of castrations and cults is a recurring theme… From as far back as 250 AD with the Valesians (a Christian sect that advocated self-castration), and right on up to modern-day with the former members of Heavens Gate (who ditched their balls before they hitched a ride on that comet to heaven in 1997).

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But staying with the Skoptsy… From their name comes the term Skoptic Syndrome, which is defined as a "gender dysphoria in which a person is preoccupied with or engages in genital self-mutilation, such as castration, penectomy, or clitoridectomy."

Skoptic syndrome can be motivated by intense sexual guilt or, in some cases of extreme sexual masochism, for the purpose of sexual excitement.

And that little nuance of body modification for sexual masochism took me down a CREEPY rabbit hole… One that did not deal with traditional gender reassignment surgeries and the like.  And at the bottom of that hole, there was something called a nullo.

A nullo (also called a smoothie) is a member of an extreme body modification subculture… Not a cult per se… And this subculture is made up mostly of men who have had their genitals (and sometimes their nipples) surgically removed. 

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And, again, nullos are not necessarily transgender; most identify as eunuchs… The term nullo is short for genital nullification

Here's where it gets fucked up.

One of the most famous nullos is a person named Mao Sugiyama, a Japanese artist and asexual activist who had his penis, testicles, and nipples surgically removed on March 31, 2012, in order to promote asexuality and gender equality. 

Sugiyama originally intended to cook and eat his own genitals, but he eventually came to his senses and decided instead to stage a public event where he cooked and served his cock and balls to the public for 100,000 yen (which I believe is ~$800). 

(The pictures in this article are DISTURBING… TREAD LIGHTLY.)

Around 70 people turned up to the event, but only five people actually ate his member … The other guests who chickened out still dined on an exotic tasting of crocodile and beef. 

Mao and the three other people who helped organize the event were later charged by Japanese authorities for indecent exposure but nothing more because cannibalism is NOT a crime under Japanese law.




I gotta be honest… I don't know why I shared this story.

Perhaps because I don't want this shit existing in only my mind, or perhaps I will masturbate later on to the thought of you reading this blog… Who knows?

But what I do know is that before you ever lob the derogatory statement "Eat a bag of dicks!" to someone who angers you, just know there are a handful of Japanese freaks who would answer "Yes, please!" AND pay upwards of 100,000 yen to get it done.

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Take a report.


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