Packers Week Is So Much Better When Barstool Chicago Isn't Completely Hopeless

It's Packers week at Barstool Chicago for the first time since we celebrated a 2020 Week 17 loss to snake into the playoffs. Not even a year later and we couldn't be feeling any different about the future of the organization. Granted we still don't love our coach by any stretch of the imagination. But the defense is playing better and steady quarterback play seems to be in our future. For now we're willing to hold out some hope as we go into the Packers game. Maybe this team is different

Maybe not. But that Raiders game sure felt different. It was physical and mean. The Bears controlled the line of scrimmage and made Carr look like shit all day. Top to bottom it was a classic mistake free Chicago Bears game. The exact kind that dominated so much of my youth under Lovie Smith's leadership. That's how it felt watching the Raiders get absolutely fucking destroyed this weekend. 

Opposite that Green Bay didn't look too sharp against the same Bengals team that got dismantled by the Bears just a few weeks ago. Does that give us hope? Absolutely. Just enough to hurt even worse when Aaron Rodgers goes off for 400 yards on Sunday and 4 scores. As WSD routinely describes, it's a 3-step process under Nagy: (1) lose close game, (2) build back hope (3) get embarrassed. Maybe not the identical path each time but it's pretty close historically. Can we finally break the cycle this Sunday? 

Let's fucking hope so. MLB playoffs will be over before we know it. We're months before anyone cares about the Bulls. Something something about the Blackhawks. Ultimately end of the day we really need these Bears. Looking ahead the schedule isn't too friendly next couple weeks. Nobody say the P word but if the Bears can battle, we might be looking at some P's. 

In other news: 

Red Line Radio moving to two shows a week has been a blessing. It's not cramming a week's worth of sports takes into a 4-man show any more. We get to spread things out which is bringing back this radio vibe. Idk if we ever bring the Barstool Chicago Radio Hour back but this has been a nice alternative. My intuition says you'd like our style. 

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