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Tiger Woods Will Win Again And You All Know It

So there's been an increasing buzz around Tiger woods for the last week or so. Pictures and videos of him walking around, watching Charlie and just generally being alive. Then there were some quotes that came out from a "source" that said Tiger is determined and focused on his recovery and that he's taking it all very seriously. All of this can only mean one thing: Tiger Woods will win again. He will. All the Tiger h8ers and losers can yell until they're blue in the face saying he'll never win again, but he will. We've been doing this song and dance for 12 years now. Tiger has a setback, Tiger fans say he'll win again, Tiger h8ers say he'll never win again, Tiger wins again. Lather, rinse repeat. We're simply back at square one after his latest car crash. He's the most mentally strong athlete in history. You don't think he wants to prove the doubters wrong again? Come on. Tiger Woods will win again.