'Do Your Pod' Week 5 ft. Rich Shertenlieb of 'Toucher and Rich'

This week we're joined by Rich Shertenlieb of The Sports Hub's "Toucher and Rich" morning show to talk about the Patriots Week 5 win over the Texans. We begin with Rich hilariously tooling on Houston VP of Football Ops Jack Easterby's stand up routine, as he explains how growing up in the south he heard a thousand such talks by youth pastors, even at his public school. We then get into the game itself, but not without a couple of really funny diversions into Tolkien references, Matt Patricia's colossal failure in Detroit, Jamie Collins return and Rich promising me a prize if I go to a Gillette press conference and ask Trent Brown about his masterpiece of a three-way sex tattoo. 

Suffice to say Nick and I have had all great guests so far, and no episode we've done has been more laughs than this one. And you can help support Rich's wife Mary's Boston Marathon charitable endeavor here.