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If you have not been up to date on this story or listening to Pardon My Take then take a read and a listen. I really would like to know what the misconduct in 2017 caused the first verbal warning but I guess we will never know. There is so much to the story of the X-factor. Crazy it has now officially come to an end. Maybe he moves teams and brings his skill set to another  NFL stadium. The record could possibly be broken at another venue.

If you have not been listening to PMT or read my past blog on this Xfactor and Redxtreme super fight, the superfan situation in KC is pretty insane. 

We have a guy who is trying to pass off car crash injuries as ones sustained during the fight and is trying to establish bases to sue for neglected malpractice by Arrowhead Stadium for not diagnosing his cracked rib. I have a small theory that Xfactor and Redxtreme might be trying to set up arrowhead stadium for not properly treating Xfactor. Anyway, there has been a bunch of accusations thrown at Ty Rowton by others in the Chiefs fanbase, he explains all of these accusations in a long Facebook post.

He is not a meth addict, just recovering cocaine and alcoholic, 


He does not sell donated tickets, they are strictly for the kids.

He only exposed himself to several bikers, there were no children there, and that's what the child abuse accusations stem from (and his ex-wife's lies). 

The Xfactor news keeps getting crazier and crazier. 

Who knew the life of an NFL superfan was so tumultuous. I hope it all works out for everyone involved. 

I feel better amplifying Xfactor's side of the story because there has been a lot of information out there that many news outlets have been repeating. I am glad Xfactor can state his case while getting mercilessly tried by the public. 

Thankfully we had him on PMT to discuss. Must listen.