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Even In This Climate, Monsters Remain Victims Of Never-Ending Prejudice

I don't know about you, but it feels pretty fucked up that we still talk shit on Monsters. In today's day and age? Why, because they're ugly beasts? They "kill us" sometimes? They "wreck havoc and terrorize children"? Big Monster had to create an entire animated movie to tug at our heartstrings so we could finally wrap our small heads around the fact that not all monsters are bad. 

A few others we need to revisit:

1. Dracula: arguably hot, maybe he wants to turn us into vampires too, eternal life sounds awful, but who are we to judge someone else's love to be "alive"?

2. Godzilla: he's just a good guy. He fights off the other monsters on the regular. Maybe he's a big lumbering idiot, can't walk 3 steps without stomping all over a city, but at the end of the day, he's on our side.

3. Frankenstein: Another victim of his circumstances, another big lumbering idiot. Turns out "Frankenstein" is the doctor and the Jeepers Creepers motherfucker is "the monster," but regardless of his name, this man was NOT sewn together with love, and he deserves better. 

4. Beetlejuice: (the Michael Keaton version) he's hot, funny, creative, cool - this man is just another eligible bachelor as far as I'm concerned. What's with all the hate? He's "annoying," or whatever? Get over it. It's hard to find a man out here!

5. Medusa: Oh what, we're all intimidated by strong-willed women now? Wittle Babies afwaid of the scawy snakes? Grow up.

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