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I Had Bras Thrown At Me On Stage In Boston

What. A. World. We talked at length on the last episode about what we thought the reaction was gonna be to me coming out on stage as the surprise guest at the Chicks In The Office live show in Boston. My brain had convinced me that the crowd wasn't going to care while the rest of the guy were convinced that I was going to get a Beatles-like pop. Thankfully, the guys were closer to correct than I was. The crowd was awesome and they welcome me with open arms, screams and their bras. A surreal moment for a guy who simply started tweeting about The Bachelor one day and now it's turned into this. We recap the whole experience on today's show. How I felt before, how I felt after, Lurch showing up to the show, the city of Boston, the whole thing.

We also had one of our favorite recurring guests on the show, Alfonso Ribeiro. He's simply the best. There's not other way to put it. We just ask him a handful of questions about the analytical side of golf and he lets it rip. He's a must-listen if you're trying to get the mental side of your golf game stronger.