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The Drive to the 405: Pardon My Take Super Bowl Road Trip Pick'em Contest Week 5 Recap

We are approaching the one third mark of the 2021 NFL regular season, and the Pardon My Take Drive to the 405 Pick'em Contest continues. Here is what is at stake here leading up to Super Bowl week:

- Big Cat, PFT, Hank, Liam, Jake, and Billy will make four picks each week (favorite, underdog, over, and under)

- The second place and last place competitor will have to DRIVE from New York City to Los Angeles ahead of Super Bowl week

Week 5 will be remembered as the week of the favorites. Our crew cleaned up in that category, going 5-0-1. The total opposite can be said about the unders, which went 1-5. This turnaround week was very much needed for me, as I was 0-4 last week. If it weren't for the Lunder heartbreak on Sunday morning, I would have went 4-0. Pain. 

If the season were to end today, Hank would be going on the roadtrip. He would be joined by either me or Liam, who currently are tied for last place. A duo of Hank and I would be fun. Out of the entire group, we are the two who golf the most, so maybe some pit stops as we inch towards the west coast? I know it will be during the winter, but a tee time down south or Las Vegas would probably be in our future. 

Be sure to listen to today's Pardon My Take, which includes a full NFL Week 5 recap, Who's Back of the Week including MLB Playoffs and recurring guest Tyson Fury winning via KO, and much more. As for this contest, any combination is still possible, and with 13 weeks to go in the regular season, nobody is safe. Until next week…