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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 5

Congratulations to last week's winner Sawyer Buettner the QB for the University of Regina, gritty dude from Moose Jaw, some say he is still absolutely leaking out from his face. 

#1 Coastal Carolina Unknown Coach, 

Doesn't get more hyped than this. The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers defeated the Arkansas State Red Wolves and celebrated by taking a chainsaw to a stuffed animal wolf. Now symbolism is important in football guy culture, and this is the hype and culture that leads to a group of five conference team beating power five opponents like Kansas.

#2 Nyheim Hines, Punt Returner, Colts


Disregarding life and limb for the sake of football is an absolute football guy move. The most dangerous man is a man with nothing to lose. Nyheim Hines taking the field with zero concern of self-harm is a man who's going to do what others will not. 

#3 Bruce Pearl, HC, Auburn Basketball

Going Tarps of with the boys hyping up the venue before the game is a huge move. Being an old man is another huge plus when going tarps of with the boys. The guy was hyped for the squad. 

#4 Dan Campbell, HC Detroit Lions

Football Guys don’t cry. But Football Guys cry for other football guys who through determination grit and toughness leave it all on the field. Many are wondering if he's crying too early in the season and should have saved the tears for later in the season, but this indicates to me they were real tears.