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Three plays that put Brett Favre’s brain in a pretzel

On today’s show, we talked about how Brett Favre had an insane 3 play sequence that put everyone’s head in a spin cycle.

Favre was trying to put together a game-saving drive when a Bengals fan ran on the field and stole the ball. This gave the Bengals' defense, which at the time was pretty gassed, a chance to catch their breath. The fan split two security guards with a decent stiff-arm involved but got fitted up properly by a third

At this point they run the next play, Favre gets sacked and gets everyone back to the line to spike it.

Sike it’s a fake spike and Favre finishes the game by throwing an underhanded pass after he has run 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. It’s absolute anarchy.

Favre trips over his own teammate then just collapses on the ground. I can’t imagine how gassed Favre was after that sequence but it takes the guy a pretty long time to get up. Favre emptied the tank. When people are absolutely gassed their decision-making isn't the best, I appreciate the fake spike move by Favre but was probably the result of head trauma and pain pills.