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Sometimes Sam Burns Will Tuck His Phone Into His Yardage Book During Tour Events So He Can Watch LSU Football Games

Chaotic show today in the best way. Our two guests that we had on, Colt Knost and Sam Burns, at one point were on the show at the same time. We had Colt on to talk about things he said about Lurch last week and near the tail end of that Sam jumped into the zoom. It was chaos but like I said in the best way. They were both great guests. We had Sam Burns on for a pretty long time and at one point he admitted to us that sometimes he tucks his phone into his yardage book during Tour events and watches LSU football games. Just a hilarious but also relatable thing to say out loud as a professional golfer. People are probably looking at Sam when he does it and thinking, "This guy is REALLY studying his yardage book out there" when in reality he's just hoping LSU gets a first down. Really fun show with fun guests. Enjoy.