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Do Your Pod: Brady Week Recap Ft. Steven Cheah

This week, right in the aftermath of Tom Brady vs. Bill Belichick, with the fate of humanity riding on the outcome of GOATerdammerung, there could be no better guest than Barstool's Buccaneer-in-Chief, Steven Cheah.

Steven helps Nick and me unpack the biggest regular season game of all time, make sense of how it all unfolded, counsel us through the emotional fallout and dive into the Xs & Os, like only a guy who breaks down game film for fun could. Plus we get a little bit into what Cris Collinsworth's glitch is when it comes to calls going the Patriots way, Sunday Night Football ads, the reason for Steve Belichick to do that spastic face thing, and whether or not his dad was being a dick to Brady in the postgame handshakes. Enjoy.