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The Treasury Might Just Mint a $1 Trillion Coin to Avoid the Government Running Out of Money

This week's official topic on Macrodosing is pirates, but y'all know by this point we're not going to spend more than a third of the show talking about that.

One of the tangents we explored on today's show is the impending financial doom of the United States and some potential options to fix it, including minting a trillion-dollar coin. Apparently, we can simply print "one trillion dollars" on a platinum coin and have bought ourselves that amount in debt ceiling relief instantaneously. I understand nothing beyond that.

If we do print this thing, though, I want a spectacle made of it. I proposed the idea of putting it into some sort of vending machine which will then have something cool happen to illustrate us avoiding the federal government running out of money. You can't just mint a trillion-dollar coin and have that be the end of it.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is against the idea. I don't know why we're poo-pooing any idea if the country will be completely out of money in less than two weeks, but nobody asked me.

Anyway, tune in to this week's show to hear this conversation as well as Billy providing all the information you could ever want to know about pirates, some pretty interesting football talk with Arian and a Tennessee Minute the haters will despise after a massive Vols win. Please subscribe on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts.