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One Of The Fore Play Guys Had Lunch With Michael Jordan (No, Really)

Just a lot of stuff on today's show. A ton of stuff. We hadn't recorded since last Tuesday and many many MANY things happened between recordings. Frankie had elbow surgery, I might be hot and Lurch had lunch with Michael fucking Jordan. That's a real thing that happened. Lurch sat at a table and consumed food in the middle of the day with arguably the greatest athlete of all time. It's hard for me to even wrap my head around that. What do you even say to Michael Jordan? There's so much history with him that it's impossible ask him a worthy question. I think the move is to just sit back and enjoy the moment. No questions. Just live in the moment with Michael Jordan and enjoy yourself.

Again, lots to talk about on today's show. Lurch recaps the entire lunch and Frankie recaps his experience with anesthesia (spoiler, he loved it). We also talked about Bryson's showing in the World Long Drive and a couple of big names changing caddies. Fun show.