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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 4

Congrats to high schooler Connor Davis for winning football guy of the week!

Now for Pardon My Take Football Guys of the Week Nominees for week 4!

#1 Sawyer Buettner QB, University of Regina 

This interview of Sawyer Buettner proudly talks about being from Moose Jaw which sounds like the grittiest Canadian place I can think of. Check out this interview, absolutely legendary.

The guy is leaking out his face giving an amazing interview while leading his team to a huge upset win. 

#2 Case Hatch FB Arizona State

Someone better get this guy a titanium facemask because whatever they are making his out of isn't durable enough. I found the hit he dented it on and boy it makes a sound. He's #44 the fullback who comes screaming across the line and picks up the edge rusher for the touchdown. Ultimate FB assist. I think if he keeps this up and puts a couple more on his chain it will put him in the running for the Lowman trophy-The most prestigious college Fullback award. I found the hit should be at the 18-second mark (video should start playing there but if it doesn't)

Absolute huge impact. This guy was a walk-on who recently got a scholarship under Herm Edwards. I definitely need to see a broken facemask chain by the end of the season.

#3 Clark Lea HC Vanderbilt

Many people see strength coaches headbutting players, and even line coaches but very rarely do you see head coaches Slammin skulls on the sideline.

It's crazy that at such an academic institution like Vanderbilt they have a head coach who will crack skulls and get hyped. 

Once a football guy always a football guy.

#4 Joe Judge HC, New York Football Giants

This was from earlier in the week but it is a gold statement. Joe Judge ain't about all that numbers shit. Bill Gates doesn't win football games, men do. The Giants have sneaky been turning into a wagon with Danny Dimes finally coming into his own. They don't need Microsoft office.