My First Day in the Barstool Chicago Office

I have officially made the big move up to the burbs, and no longer have to drive an hour to get to a mall. White Sox Dave (WSD) has stated that he does in fact know exactly where I live, so I should be safe at all times lol... I was a little nervous about how parking would be in my Ford F-150, but to my surprise I did not have to play bumper cars to get into a parking spot. I'm also that new resident who has already asked the guys a million questions before even entering the office. 

My first day in the office was quite interesting with the guys asking me to be a guest on their snake draft with the topic being "Redneck". Within the first 15 minutes in Chicago I could tell I was going to be around some pretty unique personalities. WSD, to no surprise, had us all shocked with his answers. I felt like Eddie was more on my wave length, and Carl & Chief were a little more vague/ stereotypical with some of their picks. Carl did indeed have a wild first pick, which I am sure WSD would have thrown out there if he had the chance. Rewatching the pod has me dying laughing. 

By the end of the day we did come to the conclusion that there will be a Barstool Chicago waterfowl hunt very soon. WSD and Chief are ready to hit the river October 23rd weekend, and I have indeed decided to give WSD a box of blank shells for his first go around without him knowing. I'm ready to take bets on how many times he jumps up saying that he shot the bird. lol

My first day was short and sweet, but I am so pumped to be up in Chicago with the guys!