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Jesse Palmer Is the New Host of The Bachelor

Wait WHO? That seemed to be everyone’s first reaction to hearing this news. Jesse Palmer is a college football analyst for ESPN, he played in the NFL mostly has a backup QB, and he was The Bachelor himself in 2004. For the younger generation watching this show they definitely have no idea this man was once the lead during a time where social media really didn’t exist. Jesse has also steered pretty clear of the whole franchise for most of his career. However, he also hosted The Ultimate Surfer this summer on ABC so they clearly went with a safe choice. Is it boring? Could they have gotten someone a little more exciting? Absolutely.

A lot of fans hoped Wells would take over the position. He has been great on Bachelor In Paradise. Personally, I understand not making him the host of The Bachelor BUT I absolutely NEED Wells to be the permanent host of Paradise. None of this gimmicky celebrity guest host stuff anymore. They need to give that role to Wells because that is absolutely his show. For the host of The Bachelor, I thought Emmanuel Acho did a great job with the After The Final Rose for Matt James’ season. That was who I was rooting for. But alas, Jesse Palmer is the choice. On paper, it makes sense. For us fans, it feels like a lazy choice.

For our full discussion listen to today’s Chicks In The Office with special guest, Erin Lim Rhodes. Erin is fantastic as the host of The Rundown on Snapchat for E! and we love having her to discuss the latest pop culture stories! We discuss the new host, Clare and Dale’s breakup, and Jamie Spears finally being suspended from Britney’s conservatorship. 

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