Chris Castellani Is The Next Big Thing At Barstool Sports

We moved the podcast to twice a week to give you double the Barstool Chicago takes. It's given the show a much needed boost that doesn't force us to cram a week's worth of shit in 90 minutes. Now it's starting to feel a little bit more like Barstool Chicago Radio Hour and that's a great thing. To me that's when we're at our best blah blah blah. 

But one of the biggest unintentional benefits has been opening up the floor for more guests and this week I think we show exactly why that's a great thing. Chris Castellani absolutely murders his guest appearance and could very well be one of the most polished sports voices at the company. Listening to him rifle through the backend of the Astros starting rotation while pointedly describing the White Sox strengths and weaknesses was an experience. I don't think I've heard someone bounce back and forth between college football, MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA like him. At a place like Barstool that values the unique brain, Chris Castellani fits in so well. 

The most shocking thing is how easily he was able to get WSD to agree with his takes without an ounce of conflict. There were no COCKSUCKERS or SHUT THE FUCK UPS. It was just a balanced sports conversation between a couple of passionate guys with no shots below the belt. That's how you know somebody is special. Walking into the lion's den and instantly taming a pride of wild beasts. That was Chris Castellani this week and it shouldn't be overlooked. It should be embraced. 

And rightfully so! That's a sincere exclamation point. From 2017-2020, Detroit recorded the single worst 4-year stretch in the history of American cities that offer the major sports. Their respective divisional finishes: 

Red Wings (out of 8): 7th, 5th, 7th, 8th

Tigers (out of 5): 5th, 3rd, 5th, 5th 

Pistons (out of 5): 5th, 4th, 3rd, 4th

Lions: (out of 4): 2nd, 4th, 4th, 4th

50% of regular seasons end in last place. Another 25% end in second-to-last. The average win % over the remaining balance is about .475 which means AT THEIR VERY BEST over the last 4 full seasons, Detroit sports teams look like this: 

Red Wings: 78 points

Tigers: 77 wins

Pistons: 39 wins

Lions: 7.5 wins

At their very best. I can't get over that. 

I told Chris on the show - and I really mean it - he's a pleasant reminder that things aren't so shitty in my life. When I'm down I think of Chris Castellani dialed-in to a 4 win Lions team. I think of him hopelessly watching another 6-run loss to an underwhelming Royals team. I think of him valuing Andre Drummond's post play and the ghost of Steve Yzerman. In all material circumstances, his life should be miserable and filled with despair and just categorically unpleasant.

Should be.

Chris has an attitude and energy that stands out. The guy is almost too well grounded in the reality of pro sports and somehow he still keeps it going. All bullshit aside I might respect that trait more than anything else I've encountered at Barstool. Maybe. 

You guys should listen to or watch the show to get an opinion. I don't think I'm wrong about Chris but I always value a second opinion. Subscribe to our shit and find out yourself. 

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