'Do Your Pod': The Game of the Decade ft. Boston and Tampa Radio Legend Pete Sheppard

A consecutive streak of perfect guests continues as we are joined by former Boston sports radio icon Pete Sheppard. Now the drive time host of "Shemon & Sheppard" on ESPN radio in Southwest Florida, there is no one better to give us both sides of the story as Sunday night's GOATerdammerung approaches. 

By way of background, Pete is also the angry genius behind one of the great rants of early Barstool history, which we get him to look back upon:

Then he gives us some perspective on the Patriots early struggles and gives us rational reasons not to freak out over being 1-2. He talks about Mac Jones and the correctable mistakes the Pats have been making. Before Nick the producer joins us to get Pete's analysis of the Bucs' defense and how tough a challenge this is going to be. Needless to say I felt a hell of a lot more optimistic after talking to one of the funniest and most talented people I've ever gotten to do radio with. Enjoy.