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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 3

Last Week's Football Guy of the Week was the Steelers fan who shit his pants,

Congrats, thank you for giving us so much joy from your misfortune.

#1 Portland State HC Bruce Barnum, 

Following up from last week, Bruce Barnum is once again in the running for footing the bill and buying 1260 Coors lights which is always a great move. Huge Football Guy move to follow up on your promises. Including him again because I had to show the receipt it's awesome. The mountains are blue.

#2 Conner Davis OL Poplarville HS

This is a GOAT senior photo. Linemen posing with pancakes and maple syrup is an all-time Football Guy Move. The guy loves pancakes, he gives out pancake blocks, he likes to flatten people. No more explanation needed.

#3 Kenny Chesney

The guy knows his clientele, he knows he can't tour during the fall because it would get in the way of football. He is purposefully leaving cash on the table in order to not ruin football season. This is a bigger football guy move than not getting married on a Saturday or Sunday in the fall. 

#4 Mark Ferrante HC, Villanova

It's never fun being an FCS team paid to go play a power 5. It's a different game, different atmosphere, so you have to prepare differently. During practice all week Villanova used leaf blowers to simulate the noise of beaver stadium.

The poll will be on @pardonmytake on Twitter.