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Jay Cutler Is Allegedly Dating Jana Kramer Who May or May Not Have Been Friendly With Kristin Cavallari

So the new couple on the street is Jay Cutler and Jana Kramer. This news comes out coincidentally soon after it was announced that Kristin Cavallari is dating Chase Rice. These two both seem to be winning the breakup. Both playing the field, fling after fling, what could go wrong?! Oh maybe the fact that Kristin Cavallari blocked Jana on Instagram and people are saying Jana and Kristin used to be friends. I think people are saying that only because they both live in Nashville to be honest. Sources say that they actually were never close friends, just met a couple of times and to me that seems like the more likely answer.

Jana actually addressed this publicly on ET...

...saying she doesn't need to defend herself. I think it's all fair game if they only met a couple of times.

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