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Just Because You're A Frank Doesn't Mean You're A Tank*

*A blog about Frank Schwindel

There's something about being named Frank where everyone just automatically assumes you're a tank. I certainly can understand having lived through the Old School craze about as hard as anyone. But truth be told we need to start conserving Tank status. That's the only way to appropriately respect the true Tanks of this world, like Flemming & Schwindel. 

That sounds like a nice law firm. And after having Frank Schwindel in the office this week, I can say confidently that I would very much like to retain his services should I ever need them. 

Talk about an All Star attitude from a high caliber guy. We joke a lot that he just doesn't seem like a real person but truth be told that's because he's not. Frank Schwindel should not exist in my life the way he does. So many things had to go wrong for the Cubs and right for Frank Schwindel for him to win over the fanbase. Not saying we're forgiving and forgetting about our recent history, but he's made it a lot easier. 

Funny to think how many Frank Schwindels there are in sport history. Regular guys that just never got the chance. Guys who love and live for the game, but are held up by the same bureaucratic BS that routinely holds our institutions back. All the impact that's left on the table because you're not a highly ranked prospect. All the players that could've helped clubs win but instead they are left toiling in AAA. It's sweet to see Frank run with the chance. 

That's why I'm willing to give him full Tank status. All he does is hit line drives and smile and have fun on the field. Makes me feel like I'm watch a high school team without all the errant throws and shitty baserunning. Just on a pure vibe check alone, this is my kinda team Charlie. It's my kinda team. 

Go listen to the interview. 



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