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The Blue Bloods Are BACK: Duke And Kentucky Aren't Going Anywhere

If you paid attention to college basketball last season, you know that it was simply not the year for the blue bloods. Duke missed the tournament. Kentucky missed the tournament. Indiana missed the tournament. Kansas and North Carolina both failed to make the Sweet 16. 

But now, it's a clean slate for every team in college hoops. The 2021-22 season is about six weeks away, and all of those aforementioned teams are seeking a return to the promised land. However, today we are going to focus on two of the historic programs above: Duke and Kentucky.

It has been a fantastic last couple of weeks for each of those schools, specifically in the recruiting category. On today's episode of the Barstool Bench Mob, we touched on the commitments made by prospects to both schools. Let's summarize with a brief list for the Class of 2022:


No. 1 player Shaedon Sharpe

No. 12 player Chris Livingston

No. 16 player Skyy Clark


No. 2 player Dereck Lively

No. 5 player Dariq Whitehead

No. 10 player Kyle Filipowski

That's six of the top 16 players next year going to play for either John Calipari or Jon Scheyer! Now, of course, it's one thing for the teams to land those players, but they obviously still need to pan out on the court. Whether you love Duke or Kentucky, it's always good when they are in the mix. A failure of a season here and there might give haters pleasure, but wouldn't you rather see either team knocked out via a first or second round upset in the tournament rather than miss it once again?

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