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'Do Your Pod' with Guest Michael Holley: Are the Patriots Holding Back on Mac?


On this week's show, Nick and I are joined by my old radio partner Michael Holley. The most prolific writer of Patriots books including "Patriot Reign," "War Room" and "Brady vs. Belichick," as well as the host of the Patriots pre- and postgame show. We start with a little bit of reminiscing about the two-plus years we did sports radio together before we get into his opinion of Mac Jones, how the Patriots are handling him, whether or not they should start letting him off the leash more, and the grief Michael took from people about being down on Cam Newton. What follows is an interesting conversation that started between us about five or six years ago about whether black quarterbacks are still getting judged differently in the current NFL. 

We wind it up with a look at the skill position  around Jones and whether they can develop into some of the great units of the recent past. 

After Michael, Nick and I get dig deeper into the Pats-Jets game and look ahead some to the utter mystery team that is the New Orleans Saints right now. Enjoy.