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The Cast of Bachelor in Paradise Had to Evacuate the Beach During Last Night’s Episode

We now have only two episodes left of Bachelor In Paradise, so it is time for these contestants to profess their love to each other. Kenny and Mari, Serena and Joe, and Maurissa and Riley were all expressing their feelings during last night's episode. The "I'm falling in love with you" were flying all over the place. So what could possibly go wrong?

A tropical storm! It looked like it was going to be a big deal from the previews but the storm took up about 7 minutes max of the episode. Producers showed up and said everyone had to leave and that it was no longer safe to be on the beach. The cast were all saying their goodbyes like they were never going to see each other again. The men and women were separated from each other because obviously the cameras were not rolling off the beach. However, as soon as we got back from commercial break, BAM they're all headed back to the beach! Everything was fine! There has to be some kind of drama that unfolds with this time they were away from the beach. 

Next week we have a THREE HOUR episode so buckle up! 

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