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Don't Mess With Texas, It's A Top 5 State

Texas is a top 5 state in terms of branding and notoriety … 

- Completely cucking Alaska with the slogan "Everything Is Bigger In Texas." 

- Home of The Texas Chili Bowl.

- Capitalizing off a loss at The Alamo.

- Birth place of Six Flags. 

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

There is more to Texas than solid branding, Texas truly is a wild place. The volatile territory has been controlled by SIX different entities during Texas' relatively short history - which is what the Six Flags in the theme park name represent, the 6 sovereign nations that have controlled the area. Now instead of thinking about that creepy dancing old man, you can distract your terrified brain with that fact fun fact. 

Texas is bigger than any European country, it's been the birthplace of two United States presidents (including LBJ's massive hog), is on record for having a storm 6 times more deadly than Hurricane Katrina, home to some of the most deranged serial killers, and unfortunately as we saw this week, some of the worst human tragedies in our nation's history. You can't understand US History or even World History without knowing about Texas. Find out everything on this episode of The Twisted History Podcast.