Zach Wilson Was Hurt the Whole Time

I am not celebrating anyone being hurt. Zach Wilson having a lower-body injury that would prevent him from getting his hips and power into throws would account for 2 of his underthrown picks last week. In both of those, you can tell he short arms the throws and is unable to get it to his guys. I throw out a lot of controversial takes, Trevor Lawrence being a bust, Sam Ehlinger being way better than expected, and Zach Wilson being hurt. Look I am not going to start holding people accountable for doubting my insight but I will sit in the heat I made when I spout hot takes. 

Now the groin may not have anything to do with his ability to drive the ball downfield, and Zach is simply sore and just getting extra rehab during different drills he usually attends, But goddammit I knew something was wrong. 

The first interception can be explained by this Tik Tok.


He is about to get blown up so throws his first read early and gets tipped way up for a pick. 

The second one was a bad pass that got tipped up in the air for an interception so that's a real interception.

The third and fourth were both just underthrown. Those are the throws of guy who usually can throw farther but can't due to an injury. 

This was my quote directly after the game on it.

The last two I need to check the all-22 tape on but it looked like he couldn't get any juice on them because he was throwing off his back foot. That's usually something that gets dealt with in HS. I honestly feel that Wilson might have been hurt and not able to get the same power on the ball that he usually does. Maybe after the first 2 picks, he was in fuck it lets try to make something happen mode.

Check out all his picks for yourself.