Billionaire Wants to Create New Super City

Timout London- No, it’s not a mirage in the desert haze. Nor is it Elon Musk’s latest plan to colonise Mars. These are the designs for the city of Telosa, the latest project from billionaire investor Marc Lore and celebrated architect Bjarke Ingels’s firm BIG.

Lore and Ingels’s ambitious plan would see an entire city built from scratch in the desert of the western USA. Within 40 years, the duo intend to establish a fully-contained city, which will be extended over 150,000 acres and have a population of five million.

Like many in the pandemic, Billionaires have been picking up hobby projects to occupy the free time they used to have commuting on private jets or spending time in remote vacation spots. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have been dabbling in space while another billionaire Marc Lore has been planning on building the city of the future. 

This city is being designed to be super eco-friendly, equitable, and cost-effective. It's supposed to be placed somewhere in the middle of the desert, and many are thinking this is just going to be a "greenwashed Vegas". The thought process is that the city will be designed to not have the water-heavy dependence of most modern cities. The city is supposed to be named Telosa which I thought was a play on Tesla but really is an ancient Greek word for "highest purpose".

It is supposed to be a start from scratch to be able to implement things such as automated driving cars, drone delivery services, easy rooftop to rooftop heli-transport, etc. All the things that we have been promised since the turn of the century.

Now the biggest focus in this developing city is that it's supposed to be super equitable, affordable, and have tons of resources within it for the residents. It's supposed to be ready by 2030 and would probably be from how they are advertising a pretty affordable place to move. I would move there just for kicks. 

Marc Lore the billionaire behind the whole thing was part of many internet startups that were subsequently bought by amazon. He is also a business partner with Arod in buying the Timberwolves. Considering most other billionaires are trying to tie themselves to rocket ships and give themselves selfish thrill rides, a guy trying to put together a city I could hypothetically move to I can 100% get behind. 

We take a look at this and more on today's Macrodosing…