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Should OnlyFans Be Considered Cheating?

This week's episode of Macrodosing is all about prostitution. That's right, folks. Your six favorite dudes — plus Mad Dog — talking 'tutes.

In addition to prostitution, though, we also discussed the phenomenon sweeping the nation that is OnlyFans. Arian brought up in the course of that discussion that if you're in a relationship and use OnlyFans, he would consider that cheating. I found this incredulous, but we decided to call in an expert to give his thoughts on the matter: Glenny Balls.

And per usual, Balls did not disappoint. He agreed that it would be absurd to consider subscribing to some random girl on the internet cheating, before offering up that it would be a dream of his to date an OnlyFans model — as only Balls could do.

But his reaction was absolutely correct. In no way is OnlyFans cheating, unless you're paying some ridiculous sum of money every month to have unfettered access to message some girl you've never met — which as we discovered from Glenny probably isn't even her, anyway — in which case you probably don't have a girlfriend to worry about in the first place.

We get into all this and more, including who on the show has had an experience with a prostitute before, explaining to Madeline what an escort is and much more. Please be sure to subscribe on YouTube as well as wherever you get your podcasts.