How Prison Saved Wallo's Life and Launched The Million Dollaz Brand

On our newest Token CEO, Erika talks with two of the most electric guys we've got here at Barstool - Wallo and Gillie, hosts of Million Dollaz Worth of Game. They talk about how Wallo made it though prison and how the time he spent there changed his whole perspective on life & what he wants to get out of it. They talk about the podcast, what's made it so successful, working with Barstool, and what they're excited to get started on. Erika also runs through the week's biggest news stories and answers listener questions and gives advice on how to pick your career field. 

  • Intro - 00:00 
  • Headlines - 1:32 
  • Q&A - 10:30 
  • Paul Rabil Retirement - 18:16 
  • Wallo and Gille - 21:15 
  • Adulting - 46:10

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