Last Name Ever, First Name Davis: Mills Takes Center Stage As the Quarterback for the Houston Texans

If you are reading this blog and your first name happens to be Davis, apologies in advance. Your name got dragged through the mud on today's Pardon My Take, plain and simple. The backstory of all this came up because after a Tyrod Taylor injury, rookie Davis Mills took over for the Houston Texans in their 31-21 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The saying goes, "Never trust a man with two first names," but what's the rule when a man has two last names? That was the discussion we had on today's show. The Stanford product made his NFL debut in Cleveland yesterday and went 8-18, 102 yards, threw a touchdown and an interception. 

Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter were thinking out loud when talking about the puns you could use with the name, "Mills," and both "Mills Mania" and "Mills Mafia" were thrown out there. Luckily, we get the honor of (most likely) watching Mills in PRIMETIME on Thursday Night against the Panthers. However, the rest of this segment on the show was focused on Mills' first name, Davis. Take a look at the following quote from Mr. Cat: 


"I don't know if I'm going to offend anyone who is listening to this podcast right now, but if you name your kid Davis, you're just asking for him to be a douchebag."

Straight and to the point! However, expect each of them to back Davis and the Texans on Thursday Night Football simply because they are hyping up how rare of a first name it is. I did some research and according to, Davis was the 554th most popular boys name in 2020. There were 507 baby boys and 34 baby girls named Davis. 

There are actually a few other notable Davis' in the sports world. Davis Love III (golf), Davis Webb (Bills practice squad), and Davis Sanchez (former Oregon Duck and CFL player) all share the name. 

Do you think we get some Mills Magic on Thursday night? Only time will tell.