Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 2

Week 2 with a great class of nominees:

#1 Colby Collett HC Prescott Highschool

This story made me reconsider how Heart attacks even work, this guy had a heart attack and then freaked out on a ref after a bad call. He ended up heading to the hospital due to chest pains after where they figured out he had suffered a heart attack during the game. This guy got ejected from a game due to a heart attack?!

#2 Nicco Marchiol QB Hamilton Highschool,

Turns out this Highschool quarterback not only upset Bishop Gorman with 70 seconds left in the game, but he did the whole thing while being sick as a dog. The kid threw a touchdown after puking on the ball and right after throwing the game-winner didn't stick around and ran straight for the locker room. Hilarious being the kid who catches it and realizing there was puke all over it after scoring. Football Guy toughness beating nausea.

#3 Portland State HC Bruce Barnum 

Absolute football guy and just bro move all around. Guy wanted people to come out to watch his dudes ball out and he was willing to booze everyone up in the stands to do it. The Headcoach went on a local radio show and offered to buy anyone who whispered a secret term to the in-stadium Barney Beer garden staff all the beer they could drink. I can't imagine college kids passing up this offer and probably helped in rooting the Portland State Vikings to their 21-7 win.

*turns out it was quite the bill

#4 Steelers fan 

This guy shit himself at the game, didn't quit, went into the locker room to make halftime adjustments, and was able to get right back up there. That's grit, adaptability, and serious toughness. This guy def had to throw out his underpants, and sit all game in wet pants, that most likely were nowhere near totally clean. This guy probably had a really tough one when the Steelers ended up losing, but that was most likely not his biggest problem.