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Watching 12 Hours of Football vs. Surviving The Outdoors: A Debate With Bear Grylls

On today's Pardon My Take... BEAR GRYLLS! The adventurer writer, and businessman joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter today to talk about his new Netflix movie, what it's like to survive in the wild, more on the outdoors, and much more. There was also an interesting debate that took place during this interview: the PMT crew and Bear Grylls live very, very different lives. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter spend their entire weekend on the couch watching 24 hours of football, while Bear Grylls does a plethora of interesting things out in the wild. The question: which is tougher? Let's see how things turned out: 

Mr. Cat: Ok, so would it be fair to say then, that if you put the two of us in the wild, we'd do better than putting you in our world, which is on a Sunday, sitting on a couch and watching, no joke, 12 straight hours of football? You couldn't do that, correct? We could maybe take down a salty [crocodile], you couldn't watch 12 hours of football.

Bear Grylls: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen, you're right. This is one to you every time. And I actually, for the record, think that you would actually make great survivors, I really do. I think you've got to work well together, you guys work well as a team. You've got to be able to laugh a lot, that sense of humor. Number one in the wild: things are going to go wrong. So I think, don't underestimate yourselves. I think you'll be great not only on the couch with the marathon 12 hours, but also the marathon in the mountains, I think you'd be okay. 

Mr. Cat: We should do a home and home. I don't think you could handle an entire foot-, because I actually undersold it. It's 12 hours on Saturday, then 12 hours on Sunday. So, it's 24 hours of basically watching football on a couch. That's real Survivor.

Bear Grylls: It is. And the commercial break. So, that's the thing about American football. I mean, as you know, with rugby, a great English game, you know, the whistle starts and the whistle stops, that is nonstop at 90 minutes. But American football, it's every 30 seconds, they're having a tea break. 

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, but we have the Red Zone Channel, which actually makes it more difficult for us because we have to not only physically be in one place for an extended period, but also mentally jump around from different games second to second to second. So it's actually a mental workout as well. 

Bear Grylls: I don't know how you guys do it. The team will laugh at you going, "Bear, what are you talking about a teak break? They're not sitting down having, like, crumpets, scones, and tea."

Mr. Cat: I appreciate you respecting our lives, though, because we are the true survivors. 

Mr. Commenter: And try doing it drunk, that even makes it even more challenging sometimes with bathroom breaks that you have to get into.

I'm not necessarily an outdoors person, so I am obviously team Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter here. But I have a ton of respect for what people like Bear Grylls and other outdoors people do. The conditions are no joke!