Brooks And Bryson Are Already A HUGE Distraction For Team USA

These two goddamn idiots. At this point I hate both of them equally. Brooks and Bryson are both INSUFFERABLE. We've got Bryson already flooding his brain and his social media feed with World Long Drive preparations right before the Ryder Cup. And then we've got Brooks going to Golf Digest and saying how much he doesn't care about the Ryder Cup and how hard it is for him to adjust from an individualistic mindset to a team mindset one week every two years. Both of them just need to shut the fuck up and get themselves prepared to take on Team Europe. This is exactly why Team USA throws up all over themselves every two years. Too many individual egos floating around that locker room. Just shut up and help the red, white and blue get a W. We need to be focusing more on guys like Justin Thomas and Xander, guys who seem to be all in on Team USA. Not the 2 out of 12 who seem to be fully in it for themselves. Like Aziner said, if they don't want to play in the Ryder Cup, then don't. Let a guy who is DYING to play for his country have that spot instead. A couple of goddamn babies. 

We talk all things Ryder Cup on today's show and we also have our Bandon Dunes caddies join the show to talk about each of our games. Fun show. Enjoy.