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Large And Vibbs On Drugs

Large and myself DEFINITELY are not narcs, so to prove it we recorded an entire Twisted History episode on about drugs. Covering everything from origins of the chemical stimulants, wars fought over drugs, wars against drugs, addiction, and even Large and I's personal drug use. 

The history of drugs is fascinating, but the real take away from the episode is Large's story about drinking some form of opium in a bag from a guy on Wall Street in 90's, and the realization I need to stop hanging out with The Wonton Don before he gets me into too much trouble. 

The Wonton Don, drug guy? Who would have thought. If you have time to watch Donnie Shroom Log, do it. The video is worth the 5 minutes to see Donnie bug out high on a shroom smoothie as a monkey commandeers his kayak.