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The Last Team The Rays Want To See In The ALDS Is The Blue Jays

Even with their loss to the Rays last night the Jays are BUZZING. Super hot over the last few weeks and have suddenly found themselves in a Wild Card spot. They are officially the team you don't want to face in October. We're lucky to get this Rays - Jays series now and it could be a preview for a series down the road in October. I want it, you want it, we all want it. Is there anyone else who has the BALLS to say they think the Jays could take down the best team in the AL?

Jared: "I don't want to look too far ahead here, but do you have the Toronto Blue Jays beating the Rays in a best of 5? Do you have the fucking BALLS to say that?"

Dallas: "When you're asking this question what you ask yourself is why did the Jays struggle? Or why were they in fourth place....?"

Jared: "Bullpen."

Dallas: "For the majority of the season."

Jared: "Bullpen."

Dallas: "So if that's the answer, think about what the Rays do extremely well."

Jared: "Bullpen."

Dallas: "Think about what really matters in the postseason."

Jared: "The bullpen."

Wild Card races are really heating up. Cardinals coming on strong and the Padres just forgetting how to play baseball makes for a very interesting sprint for the final Wild Card spot. Dallas and Jared also give you the hits from the last few days, Mad Max getting his 3,000th strikeout and his almost perfect game, the Corbin Burnes and Josh Hader no-hitter, the Blue Jays absolutely destroying the Orioles, and a ton more. 

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