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Kris Bryant Gives An Exclusive Exit Interview To Barstool Chicago On Red Line Radio This Week (VIDEO)

I know this place is filled with so much self promotion at times but I can't let that slow me down today. Not when we have quite literally the best exit interview in the history of Barstool Chicago coming your way. I have never been prouder of my own individual and our group efforts. You want to know how and why and what the hell all happened with KB? We get into today on the show and it's nothing short of awesome, especially for Cubs fans. 

Bigger picture there's no better place to talk to KB than the Sluggers batting cages yugging a Red Bull. I have so many hammered days and nights being an idiot in those cages. I've played so much skee ball and had countless mini hot dogs. I also watched a guy put up 88 points in pop a shot. (The very fast cage is definitely under 80mph.)

Never though did I think we'd be talking about strangling the assholes in this city that don't understand baseball or life. Never did I imagine this setting, venue, etc. with Kris Bryant. Its hard for me to talk about because it hasn't really settled in yet. Give it time and I'll be back down to planet earth but right now I'm still processing. 

In other massive news, we're doing two shows a week now. This was our first episode under the new format. Lots of people have asked for Barstool Chicago Radio to come back. That's out of my control but I think this is a big step in a positive direction. Please don't make it a waste of time for us. Download, subscribe and rate our shit. We really appreciate it.