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What The FUCK Is Wong With Having Lizards As A Kid Pet?

We had the Colossus of Memes on this week's Snake Draft, the only and only Vin Dog. Before I start, I would like to say something that I think a lot of people would agree on: Vin Dog is a top 3 favorite blogger of mine at Barstool. Even though I work for the company I still am drawn to certain bloggers and play favorites in my head, and Vin Dog is absolutely up there with the likes of KB and maybe one or two other people. He can tell a 1,000,000 word story about him installing a water heater and make it compelling enough where I consume every word. Since I have the attention span of a gnat, saying I'll take 10+ minutes to read someone's written work is about the best compliment I can give somebody.

So that's what people should know coming into this week's snake draft. Vin Dog tells a LOT of stories about growing up, work life, love life, etc. etc. etc. and it was captivating. Coolest grandpa at Barstool on the planet. 

Naturally, we had to draft fruit with him. I wish we could have drafted something plumbing related with him, but he would have mopped the floor with us. Instead, we drafted fruit and just like you'd guess, I mopped the floor with the rest of the panel. It was a bloodbath of biblical proportions. 

But in the midst of said floor mopping, we happened to be talking about childhood pets. I had dogs and dogs only growing up. My parents wouldn't let us get anything else. I do remember a gerbil or two sneaking through the cracks, but other than that if me or my siblings would have walked in the house with a pet rabbit or something, that thing would have been listed on the "free" section of craigslist in two shakes of a lamb's tail. 

That said, I did have a lizard. Apparently that is a weirdo move if we're basing shit off of people on twitter:

My dad was even the one who wanted it. We got this sick ass aquarium, the heat lamp, the fake wood and shrubbery, the whole 9 yards. Even had a little pond filter system for him to boot. Super low maintenance pet and it was really cool to watch him chill in his aquarium home in little WSD's childhood bedroom. We would feed him crickets every few weeks that would cost a couple of bucks from the local pet store. He looked like this:

Giphy Images.

Fucking guy could scoot and he was awesome. He lived to be about 1 year old before I came home and he was dead one day. My dad says he gave him a proper burial but he for sure just chucked him in the trash and let the garbage man take control of the situation as I think about it now. 

I don't know why this tangent happened, but it did. Nevertheless, tune into the Dog Walk Snake draft ft. Vin Dog!!!!