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The Yankees Couldn't Even Win On Derek Jeter HOF Day As This Rollercoaster of a Season Took Another Nose Dive Straight To Hell

I'm straight up not having a good time watching the Yankees play baseball right now. Since the out of this world 13 game winning streak they've dropped 9 of their last 11 games and have mustered just one extra base hit since Sunday. ONE EXTRA BASE HIT. Look at the highs and lows this team has gone through this year. Fucking ridiculous. 

Things are bad right now and there's not a whole lot to look forward to at the moment. Cole's hamstring situation hangs in the balance while the Yankees number one arm out of the pen Jonathan Loaisiga is out with shoulder inflammation. Yeah, not good Bob. The offense has gone ice cold at the worst possible time. Gleyber can't do anything. Gallo is in a massive slump. There are realistically three guys you can rely on to get outs out of the pen. They couldn't even win on the day Derek Jeter got enshrined in Cooperstown. 

As for Jeter, yesterday was a dream. His speech was incredible as if you expected anything less. He threw shade at the one asshole who didn't vote for him, apologized to the trainers for lying to them over the years so he could play instead, and bragged about how much they won. It was pure lipservice to Yankee fans all over. 

We broke down our favorite moments on YouTube today

and for everyone that loves to drink our tears we accepted that this team is headed in the worst of directions at the moment and there's not much hope moving forward…here's the full episode. There's still time to wake up, but time is running out fast and the Blue Jays don't lose anymore. The Wild Card race the rest of the month is gonna be chaos.