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Darren Rovell Has Arian Foster Blocked on Twitter, Despite the Fact Arian Has No Clue Who He Is

We all learn something new every week on Macrodosing. And while we learned about multiple figures in cryptozoology this week, we also learned Arian wasn't quite sure who Darren Rovell was, despite the fact he was blocked by Rovell on Twitter.

So we did a quick bit of research and the only interaction between the two I could find was one in which Arian simply responded, "Lol ok, alcohol company" to a Rovell tweet in which he put out a statement from Anheuser-Busch on the NFL's handling of domestic violence incidents in 2014. It's not even like he was taking a shot at Rovell or anything. Nonetheless, blocked.

And Arian apparently went all the way up until today not knowing who Rovell was. I guess he still doesn't really know who he is, which is probably a blessing.

But in terms of today's actual show, we get into everyone's favorite cryptids: Bigfoot, Moth Man, a potential living dinosaur in the Congo River basin, the whole nine yards. Billy was very excited to talk about animals that don't exist.

So if you want to hear a little bit about the potential existence of some creatures like that and the usual off-topic show banter, tune in to this week's episode and subscribe on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.